Kabuni is built for the home design commmunity – and everyone who loves great design. We empower artists, artisans and designers to connect with new clients, collaborate on design projects and earn an online income by profit sharing on every transaction.

We started Kabuni because we want to improve the experience of living, whether that means championing great design, buying sustainable products or helping to develop community spirit.

We make design accessible to everyone by changing the perception that it’s elitist or exclusive, and attracting socially conscious people who want to do good in their community. That's why we support local artists, artisans and local manufacturers, and give designers the tools they need to thrive.

As well as working with designers, one of our key aims is to reduce global homelessness. For every item sold through Kabuni, we make a donation to local charities helping people who are homeless.

  • Dog Friendly

  • Gorgeous Gastown HQ

  • Extended Health Benefits

  • Community Engagement

  • Incentive Program

  • Monthly Kabuni HQ Open House